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  I watched Mushk Kaleem glide on to the red carpet at the recent twentieth illumination unit vogue Awards (LSAs). She wore a bright pink ru...


I watched Mushk Kaleem glide on to the red carpet at the recent twentieth illumination unit vogue Awards (LSAs). She wore a bright pink ruffled gown with a protracted structured path, created on purpose house Sanaa Safinaz. Slightly lifting the robe, she positioned herself ahead of the cameras, half-turning for the right photograph that was terribly seemingly to steamroll her into the most effective Dressed lists that may follow later.

Any mere mortal would have tripped a couple of times over the path before falling, face-first, on to the cameramen clustered round the red carpet.

But this is often Mushk Kaleem, soaring at her five feet eleven inches in an exceedingly landscape dotted with short models, a dream to observe on the catwalk, the face of myriad fashion campaigns and, later that night, the recipient of the most effective feminine Model award.

With nice savoir faire, she gathered her path as she went up the few steps to the LSA stage to simply accept her trophy. The audience clapped dutifully — her win had been expected.

Mushk Kaleem is presently riding the crest of recognition as a supporter and is keen to worry that she loves being one. however she usually steers afar from the style fraternity’s politics, and is pretty pragmatic concerning what she is in it for. additional significantly, she’s conjointly terribly business-savvy, and has several plans for her life beyond…

Mushk has been building quite an portfolio over the past few years; enjoying each the dulhan [bride] and also the sultry adult female, hot-stepping down native runways similarly as reaching the lofty heights of the city Fashion Week (MFW) in 2019. She is aware of the way to work a robe even as well as sweep in an exceedingly three-piece field suit. The LSA win was veritably a no brainer.

This wasn’t Mushk’s initial LSA, though. In 2019, she had won the award for Best rising Talent in Fashion. “The trophies look nice, adorned on a shelf in my drawing space,” Mushk laughs.

I’m having breakfast together with her at a preferred restaurant  wherever time ANd once more I catch folks glancing at our table — an inevitable consequence of sitting with one amongst the country’s most ‘it’ fashion models. we tend to plough through our eggs — I plough a touch additional, she a touch less, as a result of that’s all a part of living the model life — as we tend to dissect the highs of transportation AN LSA home.

“The award offers you validation and shuts people’s mouths for a few time,” she grins. “It conjointly provides you with the leverage to start out charging additional for your work. I keep in mind once I won the rising Talent award, I raised what I charged for modelling AN outfit by simply a pair of,000 rupees. a great deal of individuals complained however I told them that, if the jury felt that i used to be price a souvenir, then I definitely due to be paid additional.”

The next benchmark in her career, being hand-picked united amongst 2 models to steer for designer Frank Stella Jean at the city Fashion Week, another time provided her with AN ego boost, similarly as a monetary one. the newest LSA trophy is probably going to herald some additional profitable advantages.

The business of fashion

“Today, models build a great deal of cash if they push and build robust skilled ties. I’m proud to often be featured in a number of Pakistan’s most high-profile campaigns, operating with designers United Nations agency place a great deal of effort into the artistic method and don’t resort to mediocrity. I even have had to figure exhausting so as to earn their respect.”

But will she conjointly earn cash from them? a great deal of high-end couturiers square measure ill-famed in fashion circles for recruitment models at no cost, on the premise that being related to their complete may be a worthy remuneration. Others promise payments then again usually slip into the shadows once the time involves manoeuvre a straightforward on-line transfer. These freeloaders square measure notorious — and embrace a number of native fashion’s most desired names — and that they distributed this treatment not simply to hopeful newcomers however conjointly to established models like Mushk. will she usually encounter such haphazard paymasters?

She muses over it. “Maybe if you had asked American state this 2 years agone, once I was within the inside of a monetary crisis, i'd have opted to not work with a designer that delayed payments. however at now in time, once I have done a couple of TV commercials and am on retainer for a couple of brands, I will contemplate the payment as a secondary concern. Being a part of a well-conceived, high-end campaign is usually a bonus, as a result of it attracts different brands towards operating with you, hoping to form the same impact. And you recognize that the payment can return, notwithstanding it comes late.”

She doesn’t name or shame the late paymasters — probably a number of the payments square measure stuck in transition and golf stroke the names get into print might prove to be fateful. Mushk may be a nice model, however she’s even as business-savvy.

In fact, within the a few years that I even have far-famed her, interviewed her or ran into her at fashion weeks, I’ve ne'er far-famed Mushk to be flooded by her glamourous surroundings. She’s there for work and you’ll see some terribly fashion pictures of her from the event. however she isn’t the type of woman that you’ll notice backstage, taking umteen mirror selfies.

She’ll be slotted for a few of the night’s most extremely anticipated shows however, additional usually than not, she’ll skip out on the after-party. Once the work is finished, generally she simply desires to require a breather and miss the joy for an honest night’s sleep. This, incidentally, is one amongst the explanations why I even have been ready to meet Mushk for AN early breakfast. in contrast to several of her peers, she doesn’t go to sleep until late within the afternoon and is up at 8am.

“I’ve simply forever lived a really disciplined life,” she observes. “I studied for ten years in an exceedingly religionist faculty, Mama Parsi, so 2 years in St. Joseph’s faculty, and 4 years in IBA [the Institute of Business Adminsitration]. I even have forever liked  to possess things so as. It conjointly helps American state manage my personal life. Besides, I don’t have too several friends within the fashion fraternity. It’s simply too harmful and faux, with everybody conversation and unfollowing one another.”

For those that aren’t within the understand, within the concentric  orbits of Pakistani fashion and amusement, unfollowing one another on Instagram is similar to disruption a friendly relationship.

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