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  Glamorous style shows a dazzling look accompanied with refined drama. But it also has a subtle allure, which can be between dramatic style...


Glamorous style shows a dazzling look accompanied with refined drama. But it also has a subtle allure, which can be between dramatic style and sexy style. Similar to flamboyant style, the clothes often get everyone’s attention. Most of apparels are deep to bright, however, not really intense. A glamorous style is never complete without diamonds, silk and satin.

The word "glamour" has its roots in spell-casting, sorcery and magical enchantment. Being glamorous is about feeling comfortable with yourself and your place in the world. Some consider the outward appearance, some consider their mind and intellect, others consider their sense of humor. No matter what it is, they are all equally important. As far as aesthetics go, or visual appearances, you want to create an illusion of fantasy and enticement, the spark you so badly want to reach out and obtain. If this sounds remotely alluring, read on my friend, you are well on your way.

Take regular showers to keep your body clean and smelling fresh. Avoid overly scented soaps, as these may clash with perfume you use.

Use deodorant and anti-antiperspirant. Like with soap, avoid any with a strong scent.
Keep hair and nails appropriately trimmed and maintained.

Don't forget to brush your teeth after every meal too! You don't want food sticking out of your teeth.

Start with eyeliner. You should have either a a small amount of eyeliner or a medium amount of eyeliner. Trace the natural shape of your eye on the upper lash-line, and put a little "flick" at the end, it's a classic, always gorgeous look.

Find your exact shade of concealer, and use that under your eyes if you have dark circles, and anywhere you may have scars etc. Use foundation if you need extra coverage or if your skin tone is uneven.

To make your face appear more feminine, use a facial highlighter and apply on the high points of your face: your brow bone, your cheekbones, and the bridge of your nose.
Curl your lashes and apply mascara
Using two eyeshadow colors, apply the lighter one all over the lid and the darker one in the crease.
Find a lip color that works for you and use it, make sure you use a moisturizer before applying lip color.

Choose one or the other if you plan on applying heavy makeup--eyes or lips.

Your hair should be nice and clean.

Everyone's hair is different and unique, and all can be glamorous if you find the right style for your look. Don't be a stranger to volume!

Any color is also possible, just make sure that it is befitting your natural coloring. Any color is ok, depending on your style. However, avoid bright colors because they tend to fade and look cheap.
Your hair should be always shiny and healthy. This means using leave in conditioner and generally keeping it healthy, while also getting regular haircuts to maintain the ends

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