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ECP discharges one more condemning report on Daska by-survey

   ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday officially delivered two request reports about strange vanishing of 20 dir...


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday officially delivered two request reports about strange vanishing of 20 directing officials during the February by-political race in Daska, expressing that the senior authorities of the police and the region organization were "at that point in information on what was happening and they permitted to allow what to occur according to arranging." 

Notwithstanding, a few subtleties from one of the reports were accounted for by Dawn last week, that is before its proper delivery. 

"The region organization was in circle in regards to occurring of all undesired and unlawful episodes concerning said by-political race at some level," says the 34-page dooming truth observing request report against the officials, the greater part of them previously positioned under suspension. 

The other request report has tracked down that political race authorities and government functionaries went about as "manikins in the possession of their unlawful experts". 

Says locale organization, police authorities were important for gear plan 

The reality observing request was dispatched after the Daska by-survey was damaged by apparatus, brutality and vanishing of 20 directing officials (POs). The ECP in this manner kept the outcomes and requested re-appointment in the NA-75 body electorate. 

As indicated by the report, the delegate magistrate (DC) of Sialkot had conceded that typically the sitting states used to apply tension in by-races and "they moved toward him too". 

"The presence of the DC, Sialkot, at dubious area is a central issue blemish on his nonpartisanship however he completely denied it yet he was unable to demonstrate his nonattendance from that dubious spot as CDR of his versatile got from PTA uncovers that his authority portable was utilized in that area for quite a long time during the night between February 19 and 20," says the report. 

It further says that the "incidental confirmations and explanations of the AEOs/POs uncover that the associate magistrate (AC), Daska, who was additionally the right hand returning official, was at that point mindful of approaching occasions which crushed the lawfulness circumstance on the survey day and he considering that gave specific quite certain headings to the AEOs/POs which being the piece of record astounded their brains and furthermore terrified them." 

By giving unlawful orders to the surveying staff, the report says, the AC of Daska "truth be told was bugging the AEOs/POs, persuading them to act in the way according to his headings and compressing them to adhere to the directions of Farkhanda Yasmeen and Hamid Raza as and when conveyed to them." 

"Passing of previously mentioned illicit headings by the AC were at the very least a criminal follow up on his part," the report says in its general discoveries. 

The region cop (DPO) intentionally presented the security plan to the RO office past the point of no return to keep away from any complaint, inquiry and pin pointing of escape clauses and so on," says the report, adding that "the DPO being the commandant of the area police and the SP (Investigation), Sialkot, stayed at their homes on the surveying day and showed their least worry about rule of peace and law circumstance at the significant season of by-political decision." 

"Along these lines, it very well may be captured that the two of them definitely realized that what will occur on the survey day in the city with respect to deteriorating of the rule of law that is the reason they intentionally let the circumstance turn untoward according to design and didn't take any significant drive to keep up with it. 

"The DPO as top of the area police is answerable for the bad behaviors of his subordinates as he was the power to endorse every single demonstration relating to the security of the locale since he was the position to give the security plan." 

The report pronounces that "the region police was additionally mindful of the episodes which needed to occur on the survey day and they either resolutely or indifferently turned into the an integral part in its execution on the grounds that no substantial advances were seen taken by the area police to stop such untoward occurrences which is brought up by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in its report." 

Besides, the report says that unapproved cops and faculty either from locale police or Special Branch were found associated with abusing the SOPs of the set of principles and security plan by entering the premises of the surveying stations, chatting with the surveying staff face to face or through versatile, mauling them, conveying them in private vehicles to some dubious spot, saving them at that spot for quite a long time as opposed to taking them directly to the RO's office and so forth" 

The dormant conduct displayed by the high ups of locale police has reinforced the worries that the office was at that point in information on what was happening and they permitted to let the things occurred according to arranging which had crushed the rule of peace and law circumstance as well as catalyzed the spreading of dread in the electorate which deterred individuals from practicing their right of vote and afterward in the long run the objective of keeping the turnout at the base level in the city space of Daska was accomplished. 

The DPO additionally showed his obliviousness in regards to the criminal operations that occurred at the dubious area close to Zohra Hospital. How could it be conceivable that a DPO was uninformed of a particularly tremendous unlawful occasion happening at the pursuing separation from his office. He was additionally purposely moving the obligations on the shoulders of his subordinates for their bad behaviors. 

"The assertions presented by the AEOs/POs ..... uncovered that he was associated with rebellious exercises, attempted his level best to imperil the political race process and modify the outcomes for the public authority which was a criminal follow up on his part. 

"However, he denied any such move yet his area at Adda Begowala on a similar date and time is refuting his protection supplication," says the report. 

The CDR of his portable number acquired from PTA shows that he was in contact for certain driving government officials as well as with every dubious person. In addition, his home turned into a turn of unlawful exercises where gatherings of government functionaries were held routinely. 

On one such event Naeem Ghous, exceptional secretary, Higher Education Department, Punjab, was called and requested to deal with the POs from Higher Education Department, Sialkot, and Deputy Director (Colleges). 

The AC House, Daska, was additionally transformed into a center point of whole meetings of Dr Firdous Asiq Awan, then, at that point, guide to the Punjab boss clergyman, where she directed various gatherings. 

Unnecessary to make reference to here that she was not permitted to be available there being a consultant to the CM, as the space fell inside the regional furthest reaches of the voting demographic. Which means subsequently that the AC Daska was working with the public authority to disregard ECP's set of accepted rules. 

"The payment of cash among the partners for accomplishing the ulterior intentions at various stages can't be over-managed by and large as reflected in the assertions of the AEOs/POs and so on," closes the report.aa

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